I, like many others, am only now learning of the horrific crime(s) in Steubinville, Ohio.


“In August of 2012, a 16 year old girl incurred the wrath of her ex-boyfriend and he initiated a revenge that resulted in her being unconscious, dragged from party to party, and being stripped, subject to rape, forced oral copulation, sodomy and being urinated on by multiple people. A 12 minute video was recorded and posted via social media. The police have since “lost” this video. (Please note that this pathetic excuse for a man now attends Ohio State University on a scholarship.)

During this assault, witnesses made light of the incident and posted pictures to instagram, and joked, along with “play by play” accounts on twitter. One such example was “No one sleeps through a wang in the butt.” A small number of tweets have been preserved in various news articles, but there were a great deal more than is currently being shown.

The girl who originally tried to preserve the evidence in screenshots has been sued for defamation and her posted evidence has since been taken down. Three others are also being sued for defamation.

Recently, there was a hearing for two teen athletes, where they are being held, without bail, for rape, though the kidnapping charges have been dropped. Overwhelming community support showed up, including school officials, were in the courtroom FOR THE RAPISTS. This is where it gets bad.

The coach, the volunteer coach, and many people in the community are blaming gang rape of an unconscious girl on the girl, herself. No one is coming forward to help law enforcement. The local prosecutor’s son is on the football team.

This is not an isolated incident. More girls have come forward, including a 14 year old girl. Even worse, one of the official’s email accounts has a number of pictures of young girls in various compromising positions, demonstrating that this has happened many times before and is accepted within this community.

Worse, the people who did this have been referring to themselves as “RAPE CREW.”

There are multiple conflicts of interest in their local justice system and they have paid out a number of settlements for police misconduct. Corruption is rampant as a result of these conflicts of interest, and many people in local government, along with school officials have been making a concerted effort to cover this up.” (distonanced)


I’ve been watching interviews and reports on the rapes occurring in New Delhi with disgust, and now I find that a town in the United States has the SAME mindset - that it was the woman’s fault - that the men shouldn’t be dishonored or punished for what they have done…


I just quit.  I am sickened.

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Facts posted have been cross checked by anonymous locals.

SIGN THE PETITION to have everyone involved by processed by juvenile court so real justice can be had:


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